Magicshine Monteer 1400 Lumen USB Bike Light

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1400 lumens

4 power settings

100%, 50%, 25% and flash

1.5 hours run time on full power

USB rechargeable integral battery

Replaceable, interchangeable battery cells

Magicshine 2018 new all in one bike headlight, the Monteer 1400, The New USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light from magicshine produces a maximum output of 1400 Lumens all powered by 1 or 2 internal 18650 Magicshine Batteries. Please note you have to use the magicshine batteries as they differ to the standard 18650 Batteries.

Each LED has its own circuit meaning you can have only one cell inside the battery compartment and only one LED will light up, stretching total battery life for existing cells for as long as possible. Hard anodized all aluminum shell with large area heat dissipation structure give it a very sleek look and feel.

The Monteer 1400 bicycle light can be charged via the Micro-USB port, a set of batteries from empty to full will take about 4.5 to 5.5 hours under 5V/2A. Under max brightness of 1400 lumens, runtime is roughly one and a half hours. As with all Magicshine bike light batteries, multi-protection circuits are built into the unit, providing over-current, over-charge, over-discharge and over-heat protection ensuring performance and safe use. Please note the brightness will be automatically reduced if the heat generated is not being dissipated effectively, such as inside a room with limited airflow.

Due to the weight and stability, we have reduced the number of individual pieces inside the MJ-6200 quick release mounts. Any Eagle series bike headlight sitting on top of this new mount will no longer be able to turn from side to side however stability and the durability of the mount will be greatly improved.

Monteer 1400 reviewed by Mountain Bike Rider(MBR).

——The little Monteer light from Magicshine is the company's most powerful integrated front light to date. Throwing out a claimed 1400 lumens from its twin 18650 batteries, it'll run for an hour and a half on full beam. What makes it even more practical for use as a helmet light is the ability to run it with only one battery to make it as light as possible. Another neat little bonus is the ability to remove and replace the batteries to increase burn time exponentially.

Monteer 1400 reviewed by Singletracks

——The Magicshine Monteer 1400 is new for 2018 and is the brightest all-in-one light the company has marketed to date. In our first runtime test, the Monteer 1400 blew past its claimed 1 hour and 30 minute runtime on high, remaining illuminated for more than 3.5 hours! We conducted a full second round of testing, this time placing a fan in front of the lights to prevent them from overheating. In this test, the Monteer 1400 still bested its claimed battery life, lasting 2 hours, 6 minutes on high. This brings up an important feature to note: according to Magicshine, the Monteer is equipped with "over voltage, over current, overcharge, over discharge, and over-temperature" protection circuits for safety. Lights being sold by less-reputable brands may overlook these important safety features to the potential detriment of consumers. offer a extended 12 month warranty on all Magicshine items including the batteries. If you do incur any problems with your order Drop us an email at info@bikelightsuk.comand we will resolve it as soon as we possibly can.