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A brief look at Magicshines Most Popualr Bike Lights Ahead of the 2018 Season

A brief look at Magicshines Most Popualr Bike Lights Ahead of the 2018 Season

Tuesday 7th August 2018

We know it is still the height of English Summer however its starting to become darker earlier. Pair this with that fantastic warm weather we are currently experiencing it's a great excuse to get out when the sun has gone down and it's a bit cooler! Pair this with some fantastic Bike Lights and you are sure to have a blast. If you are looking for a helmet light, trail light or even a road light. We have put together a list of the best selling Magicshine Lights to help you pick.

Looking for a Handle Bar Mounted Mountain Bike Light?

Although it has been out for a couple of years now the Magicshine MJ-906 is still one of the best bike lights on the market today. With a maximum output of 5000 Lumens and a fantastic flood beam Pattern and various settings it makes it a great handle bar mounted Bike Light for beginners to the night riding scene as well as the seasoned pro's. The 7800 mAh Battery that is supplied with the light provides you with 2 hours run time on full power and using the different settings with a maximum of 10 hours run time can extend this.

The best Helmet mounted Bike Light!

Without doubt the best and most popular Helmet bike Light we stock is the Mbuk best Value Magicshine MJ-900 1200 Lumens Light. Weight just 55 grams you will not even realize this powerful light is attached to your helmet. And with run times of between 2.5 hours and 10 hours depending on the setting you use this is a great light for all users wanting a helmet light. All you need to do is add the helmet mount to your basket at checkout!

Magicshine New range of Road Bike Lights

Over the years Magicshine have specialized in developing their range of bike lights specifically for the mountain biking Market. However this has all changed now with the release of 3 new lights targeting the commuters and serious road cyclists. The Allty 300, Allty 500 and the Monteer 1400 all have internal batteries that are rechargeable via the USB provided.